praise for Marlene cameron

An award-winning coach, Marlene has guided many successful professionals and entrepreneurs to greater wealth, health and happiness using Emotional Freedom Techniques and other mindfulness approaches.

What Clients have to say about Marlene …


Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Barbara Rhodes

When I contacted Marlene I had not been working for several years. Something was holding me back and pushing me away from everyone. With the EFT technique and Marlene’s intuitive wisdom I became aware of things from my past I thought I had dealt with that were still affecting me. Marlene helped me get through those blocks, in a safe compassionate way that was not painful. My sensitivities have been reawakened so that now I am actively looking for new business opportunities and contacts. 

I am now focused on my new positive future that I know I WILL experience. I urge anyone who is thinking about hiring Marlene to go ahead and prepare yourself for the freedom you were created to experience in life.

Barbara Rhodes Interior Designer, Kelowna, BC

Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Sharon Ungrady

Marlene’s past experiences make her unique as a coach. From working with Fortune 500 companies to running her own businesses, Marlene blends savvy business knowledge with a deep understanding of how individuals learn and grow, lead and succeed. She uses her creative skills by offering sound ideas when needed, while intuitively understanding that the answers are nearly always within the client. Marlene has helped me clarify and move beyond what has held me back in my career for years. She is a natural, empathic, and extremely successful (and success-oriented!) coach.

S.Ungrady, Sr. Project Manager at GEARS, Leesburg, VA

Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Jennifer Norfolk

Incorporating EFT with my business/leadership coaching enabled me to see and feel beyond the emotional obstacles I had set in my path. It helped me to clear up a space, literally and figuratively, so that I could work with much less procrastination and much more enthusiasm!

J. Norfolk, Owner, Brulee Patisserie, Calgary, AB

Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Deborah Stern

Marlene brings to her coaching a unique toolkit of methodologies based on the growing field of consciousness science. She is passionate about this work, and incorporating these brilliant tools into her own special brand of coaching. Most important, she has the gift of compassion and insight to know what, when and how to guide me in any particular session around a particular challenge. I have had important breakthroughs as a result of our sessions together, by shifting the personal beliefs/paradigms that have been unconsciously running and limiting my life/business — not from a purely cognitive process, but one that actually shifts the energy that keeps these ways of thinking/living in place.

This kind of work can feel like magic….until you understand it and get used to it!

D. Stern, 20/20 Strategies, New York, NY

Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Debbie Elicksen

The very first session, Marlene addressed my biggest fear – bees and wasps. The fear was so intense that just seeing the name bee or wasp would give me shivers. I couldn’t look at a picture without flinging it across the room. I’ve even tried to jump out of a moving vehicle when a bee flew in. After the first second session, my fear intensity was from a 10 (felt more like 100) down to a three or four. After the second session, I was able to sit on my deck and actually watch a wasp saunter past me. My summer was so much more enjoyable without the innate fear consuming my thoughts when I was outside the house. This stuff really does work.

D. Elicksen, Author & Publisher, Calgary, AB

Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Judy Hallberg

Working with Marlene is a dynamic experience as she was able to pull from her vast knowledge of different disciplines to say and do just what was appropriate for the moment. This provides an amazing opportunity for growth and inspiration.  Her integrity, humor, compassion and depth of commitment to my success is just what I have needed in developing a new product and growing my business.

J. Hallberg, Expressive Interiors/Designer’s Insight, San Diego, CA