My Why, Mission, Vision and Values

My Why

So many intelligent, talented and capable people, women especially, suffer from low self-esteem, worry about what others think about them and are reluctant to speak out or act because of fear of rejection.  This has been my experience too.  In spite of my own successes, I have suffered from what has been identified as Imposter Syndrome – a condition where an individual is unable to internalize his or her successes.  Subsequently, he or she fears that others will find out that they are not as bright and capable as they appear to be.

We don’t fully understand the roots and origins of Imposter Syndrome but we do know that individuals who live with it experience pervasive anxiety that keeps them from living to their full potential.  This resulting distress can lead to emotional eating and extra pounds, excess spending, poor money management and lack of presence and poise in personal and professional roles.

I can truly empathize with others who share this condition and feel compelled to show others how to own their gifts, talent and successes.   The world needs mores leaders who model wisdom, courage and grace.

Marlene Cameron walking the Camino Santiago

Vision for my Business

My mission to be a renowned expert in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and energy psychology coaching and use these tools to assist men and women in healing, growth and transformation.

My goal is to help them move beyond the usually hidden and misunderstood internal beliefs that block the capacity for success and joy in their lives and equip them to lead their lives with greater poise and confidence.

Bridge on the Camino Santiago

My Mission

To facilitate coaching, workshops and training that integrate cutting-edge energy psychology techniques to accelerate moving past frustration and fear. My mission is to show people how to live their lives with greater personal freedom, autonomy and authority.

My Top Five Core Values

Open Minded & Willing to Change