Meet Marlene Cameron

With an MBA, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and professional coach training, I bring my business and life experience to helping others get to a better place in their personal and professional lives. However, I believe it is through my own life challenges that that I am in a position to be of service to others in a more profound way. My formal education and business experience was prelude to a more heart-based and spiritual approach to working with others, especially in the areas of healing and transformation.

The Camino Santiago

In 2010, I decided to undertake a solo spiritual pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago – an 800 km trek across northern Spain. Even though I experienced significant hip and back pain early on in my training, subtle energy techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) proved successful in managing the jabs of pain and my fears and trepidation. I trained for some three months to not only to build my physical endurance but to foster the courage and ally my concerns of going alone. Nevertheless just weeks before I was to leave, I fell while hiking and activated a previous knee injury.

Forced to stop training completely because of the wrenching pain, I was at a loss as to whether to go to Spain. I was not sure I could even complete the first day’s 20 km leg, never mind the next 780km. What to do? Should I even try?

Some years earlier, while in a ten-day personal development program, I rolled over hard on my ankle while dancing. I was relieved that there was no apparent injury, however, when I left the room at the end of the day, I was immediately in pain and the discomfort continued that night and the next morning. When I returned to the workshop, the pain subsided and over the next few days I experienced no pain/pain while in and out of the room. I came to understand that there was a healing energy supporting me in that room. When it came time to decide to attempt the Camino, I wondered if the energy of the millions of pilgrims who had walked that spiritual path over the past 2,000 years would uphold me in the same way.

  • Marlene Cameron EFT coach and practitioner in Calgary AB
  • Marlene Cameron walking the Camino Santiago
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  • Arched bridge along the Camino Santiago
  • Marlene Cameron walking through the fog along the Camino
  • 747km to go for Marlene Cameron on the Camino Santiago
  • Bridge on the Camino Santiago


Leave that job or relationship?
Go for something that you feel called to but not sure it is even possible?
Be the person you really want to be in spite of other’s expectations?

I ended a 30 year marriage when I was not working nor had any job prospects.

I elected to transition my coaching practice to using EFT to help others more quickly break through blocks to success.

I decided to attempt the Camino walk and in the end, completed the entire 800 km in 40 days.


There is something that extends beyond reaching a goal, especially one that calls on all of our resources and inner strength that changes who we are in the process of working towards that goal. I was perhaps “driven” to complete the Camino fearing the embarrassment of failing (in my own accounting).

In the end though, I don’t believe that we will find the true inner strength to achieve someone else’s perceived expectations for us, that drive comes from within – from your inner spirit, that aspect of you that guides you to situations, people and challenges that have you move beyond your wounding and limitations.