Successful companies invest in areas vital to their capacity to provide top of the line products and services to their clients – be it training, technology, innovation or business processes.

To that end, I have invested solidly in myself and in the service I offer to clients and students – namely my EFT coaching and courses with my own education, experience and personal development.

Training and Certification

Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Corporate Performance Coach training  (CPC
International Coach Federation (ICF) certification
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) training & certification
Theta Healing and Intuitive Anatomy training and certification
Holodynamics comprehensive training
Courses in muscle testing, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Logosynthesis and Ask & Receive.


My client, Dr. Jackie Fairbourn of Mount Royal Health Center was jury selected for the 2007 ICF Calgary Chapter Prism Award for *Business excellence achieved through coaching”.  Following, I was part of a team of coaches who coached executives at Chevron Canada Resources, winner of the 2010 Large Business Prism Award.

Research and Study

Since completing my coach training in 2003, I have read hundreds of books on human consciousness, energy healing, spirituality, quantum physics, brain neuroscience, energy psychology, intuition and psychic abilities, precognition, the subconscious mind, the Law of Attraction, philosophy, the power of intention and the human potential.

I have undertaken all of this combined with a 15 year study of the science of the human mind and the mind/body/spirit approach to personal healing, growth and transformation.

Continual Learning

Since 2010 I have regularly attended energy psychology conferences in the United States to keep up to date with new developments in the energy psychology (EP) field and learn new applications for EFT.  I was a jury-selected presenter at the Canadian Association of Integrative Energy Therapies (CAIET) conference in Victoria , October 2015 and will be presenting at the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) conference ( in California in May 2016.

Personal Growth and Development

I hired my own coach in 2001 and have continued to be coached by other coaches along the way, learning from their approaches and evolving myself in the process.

Business Skills Knowledge

I have invested in a two year business mastery program with Make Your Mark Success training in order to hone my skills as an entrepreneur to ensure the success and sustainably of my practice.

I truly believe in investing in excellence.


Marlene Cameron - EFT and Business Coach in Calgary, AB

Marlene Cameron