AAMET International EFT Training & Certification


AAMET International is the premier world-wide Emotional Freedom Techniques non-profit association for EFT training and practitioner certification globally.   It’s leaders are expert EFT practitioners and trainers who themselves undergo an extensive certification process, who agree to ongoing education hours and supervision, adhere to high ethical standards and review process and who maintain appropriate professional practice insurance.  

To ensure the highest standards of Emotional Freedom Techniques training, I elected to go through the involved process to become certified as a Master EFT Trainer.  This ensures that you receive training that not only teaches you the current gold standard principles of EFT but that you come away with skill and confidence to use the technique appropriately and ethically.

AAMET International certification is recognized globally and positions you as among the top EFT practitioners who have demonstrated professional-level knowledge, skill and results. 


Marlene Cameron, EFT workshop and training coach

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To find out about training for your organization for class sizes up to 25.


Levels 1, 2 & 3 courses are designed to integrate Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with your skills and expertise as a psychologist, counselor, social worker, medical and mental health practitioner, coach, energy healer, educator, parent or life-long learner.

The classes offer in-depth and practical applications for using EFT for relief from anxiety and depressionemotional and physical healing, mental clarity, personal performance enhancement and quality of life enrichment.

With small class size, personal attention and individual supervision, these hands-on, experiential courses provide a special opportunity to experience EFT for yourself. You are invited to bring your curiosity, humour and intuition as you learn to utilize EFT for as many applications as is imaginable.  Come away with the knowledge and confidence to use EFT immediately with your clients, patients and students.

Levels 1 & 2 Combined Three-Day Training

November 10 – 12, 2017
Calgary, Alberta

This training is for professionals and individuals seeking professional-level training:

Social Workers
Counselors (addictions, family, school)
Allopathic and Naturopathic Doctors
Nurse Practitioners and Nurses
Coaches (life, executive, sports)
Teachers & Trainers
Energy Therapists


EFT Levels  1 & 2 Combined Courses
Three Day Intensive Training

Discover the Precision and Power of EFT Tapping

Level 1  provides the foundations of EFT and prepares you to use it as a self-help tool and for working with family and friends.  Find out how to articulate the precise wording that will truly transform the emotions surrounding past hurts, limiting beliefs, fears and negative self-imagine. Become proficient in EFT so that you can release mental blocks and negative emotions to create the life your love.

Level 2 – learn to use EFT for working with others for emotional release, mental clarity, peak performance and to mitigate physical pain and chronic health issues. Find out how to maintain the client’s dignity and privacy even with the most distressing memories and experiences. Learn how to use EFT over the telephone and with groups.

These 3-day intensive trainings plus online classes provide the equivalent of a four day course (24 hours) required by AAMET International as a prerequisite for advancing to globally recognized certification.


Pre-Curse Orientation and Assignments
Private 30 minute telephone session and assignment of reading and exercises to complete before the live training

Live Training Class Schedule
Friday & Saturday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday- 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Post Live Training Teleclasses:
Two – 90 minute follow-up  teleconference calls over Zoom
Monday or Tuesday evenings 7:00 – 8:30 PM Mountain Time

Upcoming Course Dates:

November 10 – 12, 2017
Follow-up teleclasses November 20 and 27, 2017

Course fee $795 + GST
To register, contact Marlene at 403-209-2142

$100 + GST registration fee required to hold place in course.  Fee is non-refundable but may be used to purchase other services.


The intimacy, personal support and individual guidance was extraordinary. The group safety that Marlene created was extremely healing and conductive to the learning process.” – Toni H., Psychologist 

What a wonderful three days of learning, laughter and deep healing.” – Shaanen C., Relationship Coach

Marlene has a genuine way about teaching and a love for EFT that truly adds to the effectiveness and impact of the material. I learned a lot as we shared many insights and profound awareness“.  – Lynn Massie

Marlene is a gentle teacher.  I can see myself using this for myself and working with my own family, youth and others on their healing journey.” – Dustin Twin, 3 Eagle Wellness

I see how effective the training will be with First Nations and see myself working with clients, family and myself.”  – Janice Papin, Enoch Counselling

This course is simple, harmless and threat-free.  I can see working with it immediately as it is non-confrontational”.  “I was able to help a young boy with his asthma who no longer needs his inhaler.”   – David Buffalo, Maskwacis Cree Nation, AB

Marlene is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful facilitator.  I can see using EFT for helping others with residential school trauma, weight loss, smoking and addictions.”  – Julie Calliou, Sucker Creek First Nation, Enida, AB

Marlene creates a safe space, allowing us to work through our limitations as we learn how to take EFT into our day to day life and work with others.” – Giselle G.

I appreciate how Level 3 helped to focus on how to “hone into” the client to be able to meet their needs and the focus it gave me to achieve that.” – Lisa B.

I loved witnessing first hand the wonderful effect of this process on others as well as myself.” – Marilyn G., Registered Nurse


EFT Level 3 Course – Three Day Training

EFT Advanced Practitioner Training:
Take your EFT skills to the next level with greater use of intuition, insight, creativity and skill to tap into the inner mind.  Learn how to apply EFT for serious diseases, deep core beliefs and to overwrite old stories that no longer serve our self worth and confidence.  Discover how to use EFT for business and career success, enhanced artistic and sports performance and for clearing blocks to healing, health and happiness.

Prerequisite for Level 3 training is completion of AAMET Practitioner Certification following Level 2 training.

Dates TBA


EFT Research

The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) lists numerous studies and clinical trials confirming the efficacy of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and its predecessor, Though Field Therapy (TFT) in providing relief from trauma, stress, depression,  performance anxiety and emotional eating among other applications.

See Energy Psychology Research  for the latest articles and reviews.



AAMET EFT Practitioner Certification 

Internationally recognized certification is available through AAMET International based in the United Kingdom.  AAMET has been advancing Emotional Freedom Techniques worldwide since 1999. 

After completing Levels 1 and 2 courses, application can be made to undertake a certification process.  Level 2 Certification typically requires:

>  Online examination to test for knowledge
>  50 documented sessions with clients
>  4 case studies with multiple sessions 
>  6 hours supervision with an AAMET certified trainer
>  Submission of taped or video sessions with clients for review 

If you intend to integrate EFT into your professional practice as a registered therapist or counselor, chartered psychologist or accredited coach, certification is highly recommended.  Those who don’t have these professional designations are advised to complete the comprehensive certification process to verify your skill and capacity to keep the client safe.
Visit http://www.aametinternational.org