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Feeling stuck, anxious or plagued with self-doubt?

Discover how you can achieve:

  • Greater calm, even under duress
  • Crystal clear clarity about important decisions and life direction
  • New-found confidence and self-worth so that you can define success and live life on your own terms

If you have tried conventional counselling or coaching and not achieved the results you had hoped for, EFT may be the breakthrough technology that you have been looking for. The results that professionally applied Emotional Freedom Technique affords are truly remarkable and often life-changing. EFT tapping may be the new “disruptive technology” in the fields of self-healing and human potential.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes referred to as “tapping” is an evidence-based and scientifically validated technique proven to provide relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, stress-related health issues and pain. It has been proven to be remarkably effective in treatment of PTSD, fears and phobias, cravings and addictions, prolonged negative thinking and for lasting weight loss. Emotional relief is immediate and lasting, even with distressing events that happened years ago.

Executives, business owners, elite and professional athletes too, have discovered EFT for heightened business and personal performance. With calm comes newfound clarity and with clarity comes heightened confidence. As Nick Ortner, EFT advocate states, Emotional Freedom Technique may well be “The Tapping Solution”.

Marlene Cameron - EFT private sessions in Calgary and online

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All sessions are 90 minutes.

Sessions can be conducted in person, by telephone or over Skype.

24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a reserved session.

Contact Marlene for a 20 minute discovery session on the telephone and to book your session. Email marlene@marlenecameroncoaching.com or call 403-209-2142

“I was able to resolve more issues in just a few EFT tapping sessions with Marlene than I achieved in years of therapy.”

Barbara Rhodes, Interior Designer,
Kelowna, BC.