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  • Feeling anxious, stuck or stressed?
  • Feeling blocked around a specific issue?
  • Wondering, what’s the matter with me and why can’t I figure this out on my own?
  • Will this worry and stress ever go away?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a remarkable process that works to dramatically speed up the process of helping you to move forward. Neuroscience and clinical studies have confirmed that “talk is not enough” when attempting to resolve emotional issues (and all challenges have a significant emotional component). By integrating EFT tapping with new awareness you experience rapid relief and release from anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, hurt or frustration regarding a current situation, past events or whatever is in the way of your optimal success, health and happiness.

Marlene combines her award-winning coaching skills with masterful EFT to take you farther, faster.  Discover the ABC’s of greater personal success:

A – Awareness  – Discover new insight and perspective that allows you to see past a setback and feel more in the driver’s seat of your life

B – Breakthrough – Release the emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stressed, stuck and fearful.

C – Call to Action – Begin to take decisive steps towards the goals you dream of achieving in your personal and professional life.

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