eft for weight loss

Why EFT for Weight Loss?

“After a diet program, most people gain back all the weight they lost, and more. That’s the finding from an analysis of 31 studies by a team from the University of California who examined the long-term results of dieters. However, there are new research findings that show promise in reversing the trend, making it possible for dieters to maintain their gains, and even lose additional weight over time.

In a study conducted by psychologist Peta Stapleton, PhD, of Bond University, Australia, participants learned a stress reduction method called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. When tracked a year after completing a weight loss program, participants had lost an additional 11.1 lb. An online EFT coaching program showed the same results, with continued weight loss after the program ended. An earlier study of 216 healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, psychotherapists and chiropractors found that their food cravings were reduced by 83% after a brief EFT session.”  
– Press Release Distribution, Sept. 5, 2015

What does this mean for you?  If you feel defeated, ashamed, embarrassed and ready to give up on ever attaining your goal weight, don’t despair. Successful weight loss is not about will power but rather understanding your inner self. The one that feels not good enough, not diligent enough or simply not safe in the world. 

Dieting does not address the internal process of discovering what’s “eating” you inside.  EFT works to resolve the internal battles and feelings that trigger emotional eating. For lasting results, clearing the anxiety, trauma, anger, hurt, shame, guilt embarrassment and other emotions enables you to release unwanted weight, once and for all.

“I always felt the one thing dieting didn’t address was the emotional issues behind my compulsive eating. I happened to read about Emotional Freedom Technique. It seemed so easy and simple and when I found Marlene’s Lighten Up program I decided to try it.

Funny thing was we never talked about weight during those sessions. I learned so much about myself as we dug deeper and deeper but felt lighter after each session. I got so much relief from those negative voices in my head and slowly started to lose weight.  I’ve lost 20 lbs through this process and have kept it off for 19 months and continue to learn to “lighten up”!”
– Barb S.

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Lighten Up!

A six month program to set you on your path to success with ongoing support.

Uncover and clear away mental and emotional barriers to attaining and maintaining your ideal weight. The focus is on being mindful of food choices, healthful exercise, overcoming emotional triggers and being more present in your body. The coaching comprises a holistic approach to exploring mental, emotion, physical and spiritual aspects of feeling more calm, clear and confident in all aspects of your life.

During this program your will learn:

  • How overcoming your weight issues leads to personal growth and empowerment
  • What’s eating you – how to unravel the battle within
  • How to release guilt, shame, embarrassment and regret
  • Eating as a coping behaviour for anxiety and unresolved issues
  • What hidden fears and beliefs are causing ambivalence and self sabotage
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) as a tool for success

Program includes 14 private coaching sessions over six months and all course materials.