guidelines for hiring a personal coach

Nine Steps to Hiring the Right Coach for You

Wondering how to hire a coach or find the right coach for you?  The role of a coach is to support you in accessing your inner acumen in order to gain greater visions and clarity regarding business, career, health, relationships and life in general. Coaching can help you to better understand your values, motivators, purpose and what you want for your personal legacy.  In the end, coaching is about change and being accountable to someone else can be beneficial in you taking action that you may initially feel resistant to.

When selecting a coach–

  • Interview a few different coaches to get a feel for his or her personality, philosophy and approach.
  • Ask for a demonstration session to have an experience of working with them.
  • Inquire as to his or her coach training and certification.   
  • Ask for a clause in the agreement that allows you to exit the coaching contract early. It is not necessary to pay all up front. Most coaches offer monthly fee programs so that you can pay as you go.
  • Ask your prospective coach about his or her own investment in coaching for themselves. All great coaches have coaches.
  • It’s essential that you hire someone who you feel you can trust. You may reveal and say things to your coach that you have never admitted to yourself, or anyone else. Look for presence, non-judgement and empathy in a coach.
  • Coaches will help you to break through being stuck and get you on the path to being a visionary leader of your own life.  Your coach is there to guide and inspire you through great questions.
  • Hire a coach who you believe will be open to your feedback regarding what is working well or not working for you. Honesty and transparency are key in a successful relationship.
  • When it’s all said and done – go with your instincts. A great coach may not be the person you like the most (although that can help). Somewhere you will know who is right for you.

Complimentary Consultation

Regardless of whether you want to breakthrough a specific block or totally transform your life, a complimentary 20 minute personal assessment is available to guide you in determining your best course of action.

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