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Marlene Cameron Coaching offers integrated EFT business and life coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our Seven Steps to Compelling Clarity & Confidence coaching system is designed to guide you to greater insight and inspiration as your take your business and your life to the next level.

Our coaching systems starts with an assessment of where you are now and reveals the strategies that will best serve your goals for healing, growth and transformation.  Whether you are seeking personal growth to enhance career and business results or the quality of your life, health and relationships know that growth in one are will impact all areas of your life.

One-on-one coaching can be in person, by Skype or over the telephone to facilitate regular sessions to maintain momentum with your awareness, resolving past issues and stepping into your new future.

Marlene Cameron ETF Tapping

Our Seven Steps Coaching System

All coaching programs use the framework of our Seven Steps coaching model which includes these key aspects: (click each tab to read more)

  • Complete a personal assessment to determine if you are ready to pledge the time, energy and investment in positive changes to get you to a better place in your business, career or life. Find out which coaching program is best suited to achieve your personal and professional goals.

  • Ongoing stress and persistent fears wreck havoc with our capacity to realize your goals. When you are anxious, your thinking is impaired and you are less likely to be able to process all the facets of a complex situation and new possibilities and solutions are hidden from you as you develop “tunnel vision’.   Inner chaos and trepidation limit your experience of life and can stop you from taking the most critical steps to succeeding in your career or business.

    Elite leaders, athletes, performers all strive to achieve inner calm so that they can direct all their energy to achieving peak focus, performance and results.

  • Through inner calm comes clarity.  Not only being able to recognize the real issue but clarity as to one’s vision, purpose and mission.  Clarity leads to realizing and taking the strategic steps to achieving desired goals.  Calm leads to deeper insights and the unlocking of limited beliefs and assumptions that get in the way of moving beyond the current paradigm.  

    Clarity also arises through learning to tune into and trust one’s intuition and inner knowing.  It becomes no longer necessary to look outside for information and answers.  Making decisions with incomplete data becomes natural and gives one a leading edge and thinking beyond “the box”.

  • In order to achieve larger goals, congruence is required, not only alignment between our head and hearts but emotional congruence with what is desired.  Everything is energy and we have an emotional relationship to all things, including money, health and love.  Unlocking limiting beliefs and raising your vibrational levels are key to clearing the path to success.

  • Through congruence comes confidence.  When we are clear about what’s wanted and what’s needed to move forward, a clear strategy and confidence comes naturally.  With confidence, you are naturally seen as more authentic, trustworthy and attractive in your personal and professional lives.

  • Success requires self discipline and adherence to habits that support and enhance achievement.  Cultivate a personal mastery practice with the tools and tactics required to maintain balance, direction and momentum to stay the course and be the leader of your life.

  • Leading your life with courage means that you knowingly encounter and move beyond challenges and fears as you grow into the greater truth of who you are. Recognize and trust that you will continue to acknowledge setbacks and success alike with bravery and grace.

Seven Steps to Compelling Clarity and Confidence

Shape your thoughts, energy and actions for success.

All facets of our coaching system are enhanced through the use of energy psychology tools, including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), scientifically proven to be more effective than just than coaching alone.  EFT serves to increase the speed of shifts in perceptions and energy so that you can achieve the results you desire with greater momentum and ease.

Manage Stress & Fears

Learn how to manage your stress and fears so that you can focus all your energy on achieving the results you want

Unlock Limiting Beliefs

Be guided in unlocking limiting beliefs and ways of thinking that create barriers to new ideas and possibilities and keep you feeling hemmed in

Tune Into Yourself

Find out how to tune into inner knowing that you can trust to make the best decisions even when you don’t have complete information