coaching programs

All of our coaching programs incorporate our seven step system and build on each other.  You can start with a shorter program and extend into a more comprehensive one.

Quick Start Program

3 Sessions within 30 Days

  • Use this program to gain insight into and emotional relief from a specific challenge in your work, life or health
  • Discover underlying beliefs or perceptions that are keeping you stuck and stressed
  • Gain clarity as to a direction that would bring the most meaningful success and fulfillment
  • Learn a strategy to support you in becoming more clear and confident


10 Sessions within Four Months

Through greater self awareness and insight, identify and release old patterns of thoughts and behaviours that have been blocking your growth and success in any area of your life. 

  • Shift to new empowering ways of seeing yourself and others,
  • Feel more purposeful and confident with moving outside of your comfort zone
  • Align with your vision, values, passions and purpose for your life


15 Sessions within Six Months

This more intense and concentrated program is designed to accelerate shifts of consciousness surrounding issues with greater and larger urgency. Become aware of subtle differences in your life in your relationships, vitality, confidence and sense of ease.  The inner work is reflected in your outer world.

  • Gain greater understanding of who you being called to be and do in your life
  • Learn to connect with and trust your own inner knowing and sense of things
  • Attain congruence with and manifest with your goals and dreams with greater tenacity

20 minute

Regardless of whether you want to breakthrough a specific block or totally transform your life, a complimentary 20 minute personal assessment is available to guide you in determining your best course of action. 

Contact Marlene at 403 209-2142 to arrange an appointment or visit our Contact page for more information.