EFT Coach Marlene Cameron, Calgary AB

Do you Struggle with Stress,
Weight or Self Confidence Issues?

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Rapidly release frustration and fears

Clear hidden blocks to success, health and happiness

Claim the fun, fulfillment and financial freedom you desire

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Marlene provides integrated EFT Business and Life Coaching for women in business seeking to get more out of their work and lives.  Achieve greater calm, clarity and confidence through a proven Seven Step Coaching System for accelerated results.



Marlene uses an integrated approach to living to one’s true potential through uncovering and clearing unresolved issues.  Workshops include Lighten Up for Weight Release, Tapping into Wealth and Authentic Confidence in Intimate Relationships.



Marlene informs and inspires her audiences to shape their thoughts and energy for success. Topics include:  Transform your Stress into Energy for Success!, Living on Purpose – Your Life, Your Way and Playing to Your Strengths, On and Off the Golf Course.


Praise for coach Marlene Cameron by Deborah Stern

“Marlene brings to her coaching a unique toolkit of methodologies based on the growing field of consciousness science. She is passionate about this work, and incorporating these brilliant tools into her own special brand of coaching. Most important, she has the gift of compassion and insight to know what, when and how to guide me in any particular session around a particular challenge.”

– Deborah Stern, 20/20 Strategies

Feeling Stuck?

Find out how it feels to be stuck – its not the same for everyone. Some of us go into high unproductive energy mode, others feel lethargic and unmotivated. Others still feel completely hopeless, even wondering “what’s the use”?